Central Valley Ag is helping customers achieve success with technology and innovation through a closer relationship with their trusted advisor. We believe that meaningful, productive change- solving problems- only comes by looking at challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising curiosity. FieldReveal utilizes multi-dimensional data layers to minimize guesswork and maximize results at harvest. This intuitive, cloud-based technology platform has proven its worth to growers since 1997.  You can be confident it will deliver unique value to your farm.

Connects growers, agronomists, crop consultants, dispatchers, soil testers, applicators and everyone else

Better Data. Better Decisions.

FieldReveal connects agronomists, applicators, and growers, providing integrated data that helps you make more informed decisions

Quick and Easy to Use

FieldReveal makes it easier for agronomists and growers without a team of precision ag specialist to view soil samples, write nutrient & seed prescriptions, share files, print reports, view maps and track field activity.

Discover the difference

Geo-referenced, multi-layer sampling improves the effectiveness of fertility management, plant nutrition, and seeding strategies.


  • Unmatched Service and Support
  • Tailored to Individual Customer Needs
  • Efficiency with GCO, Work Orders, and Central Dispatch
  • ACS Equipment Opportunities
  • Grower Data Access
  • Multiple APIs Available (Climate, R7, Etc.)
  • Industry-wide Collaboration