We want to incorporate the latest technology, along with advanced discoveries to support and strengthen your on-the-farm success while staying mindful of the sustainability of your operation for generations to come.

We understand that seed is only one decision you make throughout the growing season, but we believe it is the decision on which every other aspect of your cropping plan revolves around. Whether it is planting date, fertility management, crop protection programs, plant health treatments, or harvest timing; achieving success starts with your unique goals and continues through making the seed selection that best fits your agronomic environments and management decisions.

Your Agronomy team at Central Valley Ag strives every day to help you optimize your farm investment. We are committed to delivering you the best value in whole-farm agronomic planning, supplies, services, and support to continue earning your business in the future.

Not every hybrid or variety out there makes it in here. Central Valley Ag has a seed selection process in place that makes it easier for you to improve yield and minimize risk on the acres you plant.

By applying our knowledge of local growing conditions, we have pre-selected only the best seed choices based on:

  • Yield Potential
  • Trait Diversity
  • Consistent Performance
  • Field-Proven Technology

Further enhancing your potential for improved yields at harvest is our personal, on-the-farm involvement that includes:

  • Comprehensive Field Planning
  • Expert Seed Selection Advice
  • Season-Long Management
  • Full Season Agronomic Support

It goes without saying that every seed selection you make is a business decision. That is why we have made it our business to make it easier for you to decide how you want to grow yours.