2016 Harvest Recap

Bryan Reichmuth

Bryan Reichmuth


Harvest has wound down throughout most of the CVA territory. On the soybean side, I think I can easily say that everyone was pleasantly surprised with the yields. Looking at our soybean harvest, 27.5 million bushels of soybeans were dumped at CVA locations. Not including the 3.1 million bushels that came into Kansas locations, Region 7, as those bushels are a part of AgMark numbers. These figures were right at our expected projections. Soybean yields were excellent this year! 23 soybean trains were shipped out this harvest, which totals up to over 9.2 million bushels. These trains played a significant role in giving relief to our locations and allowing them to help nearby facilities that were tight on space.


On the corn side of things, as I write this – November 14, 2016, we have dumped 43.5 million bushels of corn. Not including 5.3 million bushels of corn that came into Kansas. Regions 3 & 5 were lagging projection estimates a bit, with the other coming closer to forecast numbers. This harvest corn carried a bit more moisture than last year, but overall was relatively dry and easy for us to handle. The biggest challenge for us this season was the cob rot issues that brought us Fumonisin toxin concerns at several locations. In the end, we were able to keep this corn separated at our facilities to make sure it hits the proper market. CVA does have corn on the ground at several locations; this grain is mostly covered and protected, giving us time to market effectively.


In Region 7, Kansas, we saw the best crops overall. All commodities included; wheat, corn, soybeans, milo all did well this growing season. These crops outcomes were fantastic to see but did result in our locations being jammed full throughout harvest. AgMark was able to provide relief by loading trains weekly to keep things moving the best we could. As a result, we do have ground piles in Kansas and are planning the proper logistics to clean those up.

Please join me in thanking the operation people at all of CVA locations; from those working the scales to the dump pit personnel, everyone was very determined to help our producers to the best of their ability this entire harvest season. Please thank them when you see them.

As always, thanks for all the business you do with CVA and remember to be SAFE in all you do.

Thank you again for your Patronage.