81-20 Open House Recap

On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, the intersections of Highway 81 and 20, near Randolph, NE were busier than usual. However, it wasn’t long lines of trucks driving to 81-20 Grain LLC. to deliver grain. It was customers, neighbors, employees, news reporters and Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts to name a few. They were on their way to attend an Open House at Central Valley Ag’s 81-20 location. Around 2,300 people attended the all-day event. Speakers kicked off the event at 11:00 AM with a highlight being the visit from Governor, Pete Ricketts. Food was served throughout the day, prizes were given away, and visitors were able to take trolley tours of the location. These tours were guided by CVA employees, providing fun facts for visitors to enjoy throughout the ride. Central Valley Ag had planned on hosting an open house for the public to enjoy since before the $45 million facility was completed last October. “It’s tremendously exciting to have a day like this where the owners get to come see what they own,” Carl Dickinson, CEO of Central Valley Ag said. “They’re truly the owners of the company and the assets are built to serve them. That’s what it’s all about.”

Central Valley Ag (CVA) and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) joined to form 81-20 Grain LLC, a 5 million bushel shuttle loader grain elevator near Randolph, NE. The facility’s location at the intersection of two major highways provides area producers with convenient access. “Farmers have grown over time, and we need speed and space to serve them,” says Carl Dickinson, Central Valley Ag CEO.

In addition to having 81-20 Grain at this convenient location, Central Valley Ag provides agronomy products and services from this location.