A New Era of ACS

8-28-17 A New Way Forward Revisited from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

by Mike Zwingman

by Mike Zwingman

Tom Petty sang about “how the waiting is the hardest part, ” and he was not wrong.  Over the course of the past 16 months or so we have been working on something big, real big. It has taken lots of discussion of how, what and why we needed to change in Advance Cropping Systems to enable you the grower to accomplish your goals. In all those discussions, we decided we needed a platform that was scalable enough to meet growing demand. But flexible enough to interact with the other platforms in YOUR operations. Rigorous enough to deliver the quality of recommendations that you are accustomed to, gives you a greater amount of transparency and insights into your operations, and does this faster through your Central Valley Ag trusted advisor.

All this back-rounding, testing, evaluation and discussion lead us to FieldReveal. FieldReveal is going to put you closer to your sampling data and allow you to be as involved into the fertility prescription process as you want to be with your Central Valley Ag Field Sales Agronomist. This platform first will help quicken the time from sampling to delivering your recommendations by automating some of the processes and employing the formulas that made Advanced Cropping Systems the leader it is today. In the discussions with your FSA, you will be able to look back at past soil sampling data to see how you may change your fertility program to maximize yield and profitability. You will also know when a recommendation is made, how much product you will need, and an accurate quote on what your cost is to help you better manage your operation. All this is exciting, but personally, I am most excited about what we can deliver in the way of Seeding and Nitrogen prescriptions.

In both cases of grid and zone customers, we can create new zones within a field using four layers of data to increase your resolution and give you a better handle on yield potentials with in those zones. Utilizing two depths of EC data, slope and elevation data, and then peak biomass NDVI we can build zones that predict relative yield potential in each field. From that information, we can layer in actual normalized yields and build Variable Rate Seeding, Variable Rate Nitrogen, and even Multihybrid prescriptions using this Advanced Zones. All this information, coupled with the experience and knowledge of your ACS regional specialist and your FSA’s will drive the best in industry variable rate solutions for all nutrients and your seeding needs.

As the year progresses, we will be able to share that information and prescriptions across multiple platforms through API connections so we can serve you by meeting the demands of the hardware and software you use today in your operation. FieldReveal not only promises to be the faster delivery of your solutions but also will grow and evolve to keep pace with an ever-changing precision ag landscape. Lastly FieldReveal will have analytical functionality down the road to keep you informed on how profitable your decisions are and where we can find opportunity in your operation.

The road to get to this place wasn’t always easy or fun. It took a lot of time, hard work, thoughtfulness and some introspection to find a platform that had the capability needed to maintain the excellence you are used to as a customer, and the potential to be something much greater. That fulfills our purpose to you, “to deliver industry leading solutions that help you manage your operation better.” Not just today, but tomorrow and every day.