Advancing Precision Ag

Advancing Precision Ag from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

by Keith Byerly

by Keith Byerly

About a month ago, I gave a prelude to the new age coming to Advanced Cropping Systems. For those of you that attended the RD Innovation Events, you got to see what the buzz was about, and I am going to spend a couple of minutes building upon those days. For those of you that weren’t able to attend, I offer you a brief but expanded synopsis of what is coming to Advanced Cropping Systems starting this fall.

As we have evolved Precision Ag, we have found ourselves collecting mounds of data, but not doing enough with it. There are a hundred reasons why, but the main reason is because it was difficult. It is hard to bring all of our data into one place so we could look at all of it at once; it’s difficult to layer so that we could query it. And perhaps the most difficult was finding a way in which the data correlated so that it made the decision process easier. And since it was difficult, only a handful of Precision Ag Specialists worked on the process, and therefore, it always seemed a bit more mystical than it really was.

In truth though, what was holding us back wasn’t the process or people, it was the software. There wasn’t a software package out there that would do an admirable job of all the phases we needed, so we worked with multiple software, and the process remained murky. And we searched. And then we searched some more, but the answer wasn’t there for a single solution that could do everything we wanted and needed.

So we did what any of you would do, and we went out and found the best choice, and then started working on it to make it what we needed. And while it took us 16 months of work to get to today, we find ourselves here, with the announcement of FieldReveal.

FieldReveal is different because it makes the whole process easier. It allows us to incorporate much more of the data that we have collected over the last 10-15 years, and that leads to better decisions. FieldReveal connects agronomists and growers, providing integrated data that helps everyone involved have deeper conversations and make more informed management decisions. It shortens the time for decisions as well. Acting faster and on better data is the end goal, and I think we can deliver on that in a big way with FieldReveal.

And so that brings us to the take-home for the day. We are not scrapping the Advanced Cropping Systems program here at CVA. The people, the data, and even the equations that we have built over the last 20 years will continue to be the same. The fact is that we are just adding a new tool to the toolbox. We just upgraded a couple of 175 hp tractors for a new 550 hp Quad-Trac, and now we can attach more efficient and robust tools to it to make the job easier and more productive at the end of the day. I am really excited to be able to show you all some of the things the ACS program will be able to do with the new horsepower, starting next month.