Akron, Iowa Project Update

CJ1_0270-copyWEBADDITION IN AKRON: Harvest is in full swing, and in Region 8 Central Valley Ag customers and employees have a new addition to enjoy. Over the course of the summer, two 600,000-bushel storage bins were constructed by Landmarc Construction at CVA’s location in Akron Iowa. This new addition has been getting plenty of use this fall and has helped increase speed and space in the area. A new receiving pit can dump both hoppers of a semi and holds 1,200-bushels, for even more convenience there is now a conveyor belt that feeds the existing concrete bunker from the new system. The new leg and large pit have the capacity to dump at a rate of 15,000 bushels per hour.

This addition has improved traffic through the town during harvest time, providing a safer more efficient cooperative for the community. CVA believes there is growth potential in grain receipts with the increased customer service.

“The investment was made in Akron to show our commitment to the Akron area, as we realized we have not been providing acceptable service there with the older facilities,” said Bryan Reichmuth, CVA SVP of Operations. “The vision of speed and space has not changed, and Central Valley Ag will continue to commit to that vision.”