An Equipment Warranty That Covers the Tough Stuff

by Michael Wiarda

by Michael Wiarda

Does it pay to invest in protection for your valuable agricultural equipment? Absolutely! In this business, there’s no such thing as an “inexpensive” repair — and there’s no time for downtime. If you’ve been buying oil from your equipment dealer because you thought your warranty required you to use a certain brand of lubricants, check your owner’s manual. You will learn that you do not need to use lubricants from your equipment manufacturer, you just need to select products that meet the required lubrication specifications.

That’s why we recommend the Cenex® Total Protection Plan™ warranty. Whether you cover new or used equipment, this warranty offers four primary benefits:

1) Unsurpassed coverage that goes beyond, but won’t interfere with your original manufacturer’s warranty.

2) A no-hassle claims process with no deductible and no “burden of proof”, meaning you don’t have to prove that your engine problems were caused by an oil or fuel defect.

3) Extended equipment life, thanks to quality Cenex lubricants and Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® Premium Diesel Fuel.

– Products that are specially formulated for the tough challenges of farming.

4) The early-warning advantages that come from conducting regular oil sampling, a simple yet important step that can help prevent major problems and alert you before expensive damage occurs.

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The Cenex Total Protection Plan provides coverage up to 10 years or 10,000 hours on new equipment and eight years or 8,000 hours on existing equipment. You get great protection, plus all the advantages that come from using proven Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels and lubricants – like longer engine life, extended drains, more power for pulling heavy loads, quicker starts and improved fuel efficiency.  For more information or to enroll, visit, or contact Mike Wiarda at 402-694-9831.