What’s Up with Beans?

12.6.16_ProEdge Blog

  I often resist blogging about current markets and more on general practices, and sound marketing principles. I have been receiving lots of questions from producers about beans, and rightfully so! The questions I hear: Should I sell or should I wait? Is the bean market topped out? I would like to talk about what […]

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The Tail End of Harvest


Now at the tail end of harvest, more and more producers are telling me they are just about done! This is an exciting time of year and seeing the amount of corn coming to the elevator is quite impressive. We have been very fortunate this year in regards to harvest conditions. The weather has been […]

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It’s Harvest give me the low down!


With harvest upon us, if you are reading my blog it must be raining. So here is the opportunity to catch up on a few things! A quick summary to wrap up the last few days for you. Friday USDA’s quarterly stocks report was released, and for the most part was a non-event. Soybeans stock […]

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The Seasons of Marketing!


When it comes to marketing, there are so many things to look at, from the Chicago Board of trade to local markets. The most difficult decision is often deciding when to pull the trigger and make a sale. Risk Management Consultants are consistently looking at fundamental and technical strategies for clients. All to gain knowledge […]

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Rearview Mirror

Sunrise in car's rearview mirror with texture.   iPhone

As a producer, it is easy to look in the rear view mirror and say “I wish I would have.”  Keeping in mind, you did the best you could with the information you had at the time; your decisions were likely sound.  The market gave us some opportunities by way of a rally and shortly […]

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The Market Surprises Again


The market is full of surprises, and we continue to see the grain markets rally. Recently seeing a lot of volatility in both corn and soybeans, it leaves many wondering what to do next. Will the market go up? Will the market go down? Many producers hold out because it may go higher, however, that […]

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The Power of Basis


Grain markets have been very exciting since early March. Well, I guess I should say soybeans have been very exciting, with July beans seeing $2.295 rally since March 2nd! That’s easy to get excited about until you called for a cash bid and found the cash price to be only up slightly from the previous […]

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Planting and Basis Considerations

Corn Stand_Uniform

Planting season is fast approaching, and farmers are soon to be in the field hard at work. This becomes a busy time of year and as producers/sellers head to the fields. I am in hopes this helps relieve the selling pressure and allows the market to continue its rally.  When selling grain, there are two […]

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Crop Insurance around the Corner


As a ProEdge Risk Management Consultant, I strive to bring blog topics which can benefit all aspects of the operation, not just marketing alone.  With the March 15th deadline for Multi-peril crop insurance less than two weeks away, there a few things to consider. Prices The first thing, February Prices have been set at $3.86 […]

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Option Basics

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.50.20 AM

I’m sure many of you have heard different marketing gurus talking about selling grain and then buying a “call option”. As I discuss different trade strategies with producers, I find some of them interested in learning more about options. So I deemed the topic worthy of a blog entry. As you may recall, I wrote […]

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