7 Ways to Improve Tractor Performance


There’s no better time than winter to start thinking about ways to maximize the power and performance of your farm’s tractors and save fuel. Before you get onto the fields, here are seven ways to get the most from your tractors. Make maintenance a priority.  Diligent maintenance can boost performance and fuel efficiency. Clean dust […]

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Winterized Premium Diesel Fuels

Close-up shot of a fuel gauge in a car.

With cold weather fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about winter diesel fuel. Here at Central Valley Ag our Winterized Premium Diesel product line offers broad coverage to meet the unique needs of diesel equipment – from moderate temperatures to extreme winter cold and everything in between. Our full line up of Winterized Premium […]

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Don’t Forget About Fall Tank Maintenance

Fuel tank tailer on the farm

Smaller, more intricate parts make today’s modern diesel engines more prone to injector failure and filter clogging, thus making it more important than ever to keep tanks and fuel clean. Fall is the ideal time to perform tank maintenance to remove water and other contaminants before cold weather hits. Proper tank maintenance helps ensure the fuel […]

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Internal Diesel Injector Deposits – Managing the Problem


Internal Diesel Injector Deposits, or IDID, is an acronym that you hear often. IDID are of critical concern in high-tech fuel injection systems, and can translate into big problems for your expensive equipment. Today’s diesel engines operate at extreme temperatures and pressures – causing typical #2 diesel fuel to destabilize, which results in fouled fuel that […]

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An Equipment Warranty That Covers the Tough Stuff

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Does it pay to invest in protection for your valuable agricultural equipment? Absolutely! In this business, there’s no such thing as an “inexpensive” repair — and there’s no time for downtime. If you’ve been buying oil from your equipment dealer because you thought your warranty required you to use a certain brand of lubricants, check […]

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