Someone Go Back And Get a Load Of Dimes

Rows of Corn Plants

A dime. Not a big deal, right? It won’t buy much. Not a phone call. Not a cup of coffee. Yet if the grain market moves a dime one way or another we get all jumpy. Help us if it moves a few dimes in a day. The last couple weeks, I’ve had quite a […]

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All Potential


The wheat here in Kansas has been looking pretty good this year.  The second year wheat looks awesome with the better than average growing conditions that we have had and even our double crop wheat looks better than what we have been seeing the last few years. Maybe you have some wheat out in your […]

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Doing Business

Farmers Handshake

“I don’t owe him a living.” “Never let your heart get in the way of your business.” I’ve heard both things in the past month. At first, they might seem a bit harsh, yeah? It’s the talk of a Wall Street banker or a soundbite from a Donald Trump fundraiser. Except the people who said […]

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The Slowdown


Finally. We’re hitting the “slow” time of our agronomy season.  For the next 60 days more or less, there’s not much to do in the fields and things are actually kind of quiet really.  Maybe even peaceful.  Unless you have livestock.  Sorry. While some of you have met with the accountant in between checking items […]

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Dear Young Farmer


Remember the Dodge commercial from a few years ago with the tag line “so God made a farmer”? It stuck a chord with most of us I believe. Last week, I read an open letter by a Minnesota farmer that struck a similar chord with me, particularly as a “millennial” in this industry.  It hit […]

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On Repeat


No doubt sometimes you feel a bit like a broken record (or, for you millennials, a skipping CD). You just find yourself repeating the same thing over and over and over… That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now.  It’s how I’ve felt about this topic for some time now, but here goes anyway: By now, […]

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Question and Answer

EDIT_MAO1518 copy

Q: How do I go about selecting the correct soybean maturity?  When my seed dealer talks about a mid-group three to a late group four I get confused about what that means. A: Another great question.  The numbers that your dealer is giving you refer to maturity range (adapted to your particular area).  Like corn, the […]

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Asked and Answered


I asked in my last article if anyone might throw out a burning question for discussion, and someone—some totally lovely, awesome, super-producer—actually did. So, ladies and gentleman, I present to y’all the first ever Asked and Answered by James Banahan (and friends when I don’t know the answer). Asked: It has been my observation that […]

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Slider Image 5002

This week has been a stressful one, right? No?  Commodity markets, brothers and sisters! Yes? I thought so. With the stock market on its wild ride and news of a slow down in China’s economy, our potential income has taken a bit of a beating.  Which is frustrating no matter what, but is a special […]

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