Pay No Attention To The Man On The Soapbox


Well, since I’m the man on the soapbox, maybe a little attention would be nice. I’ve seen quite a few producers starting to put down ammonia this week.  Not necessarily a bad idea, if they’re also using a stabilizer. The problem: most aren’t using a stabilizer. Which amounts to throwing money away.  It is simple […]

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Eleanor Roosevelt once said that America is all about speed. I’m not exactly sure what she meant by that, but it sounds about right and true to me, especially if she was talking about American agriculture. Just take a second to think about how your operation has changed lately. And take a second to think […]

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It’s Time


The time has come. It’s time to stop spraying our soybeans. The theme of the week though is I Still Have Weeds In My Beans. That’s the gist of about every phone call I’ve gotten this week and the status of every field I’ve been through. In some cases, the fields are downright ugly—I know. […]

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Fun Stuff


I’m not actually here today. I’m in South Dakota, on a nice little family vacation. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “When isn’t he on vacation?” Ha, ha. But look: Here I am on vacation writing an article. Also known as working. But that’s far from the point I’m wanting to make today. In fact, […]

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Pop the Champagne

iStock_000000460639Large 2

I just got the first shipment of 2016 seed guides from a few of our seed partners, so I’ve got here a bottle of champagne, a noisemaker, and some glitter and I guess I’m counting down to midnight tonight. It strikes me as just a bit early, but maybe I’m just getting old. Or maybe […]

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Good is Rarely Cheap


Whether we’re talking about seed, service, or chemistry, good is rarely cheap. It’s a lesson that’s all too clear in some fields right now. I hope it’s not your fields that I’m referring to here, because there are a few kind of train wreck-y fields out there where hesitancy to spend money and/or time affected […]

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Double Crop Season Is Upon Us

Weeds SS

…And methinks some of you might be looking for a little extra revenue given our late(r) planting date and the less-than-stellar looks of the wheat crop about to come off. Fortunately, with the moisture we’ve received, we’re set up to have a better-than-average chance at producing a successful second crop, but, as always, there are […]

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A Time To Reevaluate


Alrighty, people. Just in case you didn’t notice: what we thought would come to pass this year—it didn’t exactly happen that way. Which is neither here nor there, but is reason to take the opportunity to reevaluate what we’re doing. The crux of this mismatch between what we expected and what we got is this: […]

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Who Will Stop The Rain?


I’d bet my morning coffee that John Fogerty didn’t quite have planting woes in his mind when he wrote that song, but it’s our anthem as of late nonetheless. Usually, we’re asking, “Who will start the rain?” or “Where is the rain?” or probably most accurately, “When’s it going to ##@%!#& rain?”   Oh, but this […]

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Southern Spotlight: Milo


For some of us, it’s a four-letter word. But. With seed cheaper than corn and a 40 cent premium over corn as well, lots of y’all are going to plant it this year, even if you haven’t dipped your toe in that pond for the past half decade. In all actuality, milo is a good […]

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