Football is here, Harvest is near!


It’s about that time of year for me to start talking about fall and football again, right? As I watched the Nebraska football game on Saturday, I just couldn’t relate it to the current grain markets. Don’t worry; I’m sure I will bring out some football analogies in the future. As harvest quickly approaches, we […]

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The Seasons of Marketing!


When it comes to marketing, there are so many things to look at, from the Chicago Board of trade to local markets. The most difficult decision is often deciding when to pull the trigger and make a sale. Risk Management Consultants are consistently looking at fundamental and technical strategies for clients. All to gain knowledge […]

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A Look at the Numbers


Last Friday, the USDA updated their Supply & Demand balance sheet. This report updates old crop carryout, and new crop estimates for production and demand. The number most anticipated was the 2016 yield estimates and total production numbers. It is important to remember that this report provides other information which gives the market direction. Corn: […]

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Another Bountiful Crop!


I’ve been fortunate to take a little time and travel through Nebraska and part of Wyoming the last few days.  Unfortunately, we saw some pretty ugly fields, houses and even vehicles that reaped the damage from storms in the previous week.  Even though we experienced some of the storms ourselves during the trip, we had […]

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Rearview Mirror

Sunrise in car's rearview mirror with texture.   iPhone

As a producer, it is easy to look in the rear view mirror and say “I wish I would have.”  Keeping in mind, you did the best you could with the information you had at the time; your decisions were likely sound.  The market gave us some opportunities by way of a rally and shortly […]

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Acres, Acres, and More Acres


Have you ever heard of a curveball in baseball? I’m not much of an athlete, but I still know that a “curveball” is not always a good thing. The USDA updated their Quarterly Stocks and Acreage reports on Thursday this past week. The Quarterly Stocks and Acreage report on June 30th is one of the […]

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June 30th report is around the corner


A classic saying within the commodity markets is that they tend to take the stairs on the way up and the elevator on the way down. An example of this in the grain markets is it takes a couple of weeks to dry out and only one day to catch that crucial inch of rain. […]

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The Market Surprises Again


The market is full of surprises, and we continue to see the grain markets rally. Recently seeing a lot of volatility in both corn and soybeans, it leaves many wondering what to do next. Will the market go up? Will the market go down? Many producers hold out because it may go higher, however, that […]

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Export Demand Looks Strong for Corn & Beans


A lot has changed in the grain markets over the past several weeks. We’ve seen the marketplace shift from a bearish sentiment to a semi-bullish sentiment. The shift started taking place a few weeks back when rumblings began to circulate through the trade about production loss in South America; the second corn crop in Brazil, […]

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Time to get back to the basics.


Over the past three months, July soybean futures have rallied more than $3.00 and new crop November futures have climbed $2.50, July corn futures have moved over 75 cents higher and December futures 65 cents over just the past two months. Grain markets made a similar run late last June into early July, and we […]

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