Akron, Iowa Project Update


ADDITION IN AKRON: Harvest is in full swing, and in Region 8 Central Valley Ag customers and employees have a new addition to enjoy. Over the course of the summer, two 600,000-bushel storage bins were constructed by Landmarc Construction at CVA’s location in Akron Iowa. This new addition has been getting plenty of use this fall […]

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More Beans, Better Bottom-Line


Extra bushels and smart marketing can be the difference between red and black. Can you believe that we are already in the second week of October?  We’ve had some 70 degree days, and we’ve had some temps in the low 30’s, all in the same couple of days. I think the markets are watching the […]

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Honoring 372 Years of Service


Each year on November 11th, we take the opportunity to celebrate and honor our Veterans. These men and women who have made such a huge sacrifice for our country come from all walks of life. This year we decided to take a greater look at how many Veterans we have employed at Central Valley Ag […]

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81-20 Open House Recap


On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, the intersections of Highway 81 and 20, near Randolph, NE were busier than usual. However, it wasn’t long lines of trucks driving to 81-20 Grain LLC. to deliver grain. It was customers, neighbors, employees, news reporters and Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts to name a few. They were on their way […]

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Welcome New Member-Owners


Today, we welcome Farmer’s Cooperative Company (FCC) of Hinton, IA as they officially merge to join Central Valley Ag. Your board and management teams have been working diligently to make sure this transition goes smoothly for both employees and customers. I appreciate the efforts and dedication of all individuals involved in this merger process. As […]

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Location Spotlight: Columbus, NE


The Columbus, Nebraska CVA location is home to 12 full-time and 12 seasonal employees. From this location CVA customers can purchase fertilizer and chemicals with the option for custom application. They can also get anything from lawn and garden supplies, to select oil for equipment.

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Growing Together


It is an exciting time in the life of your cooperative. Your board and management teams have worked hard to create a cooperative that you can be proud of and will serve you long into the future.

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Proposed Merger with Central Valley Ag

On March 20th, the Boards of Directors for Central Valley Ag Cooperative and United Farmers Cooperative announced that they have unanimously approved and entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger.

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