CVA Fullerton Opens New Doors


FULLERTON OPEN HOUSE: This Harvest has been extra busy for Central Valley Ag employees in Fullerton, Nebraska. Not just because this harvest brought in 1.9 million bushels of corn, 630,000 bushels of beans and 27,000 bushels of milo to the location but right amidst soybean harvest the Fullerton employees were making a move to their new office and upgrading the facility’s scale.

CVA Fullerton New ScaleConstruction of the new office and installation of the new scale began on April 1, 2016, and finished up at the end of September. The new scale is ten-foot longer and two foot wider than the old one, which allows it to better service equipment. This upgrade has come as a welcome asset by both employees and customers. In addition to the new scale, employees also have a new office with approximately double the square footage of their old space. The expansion in Fullerton will allow more room for employees from the Clarks CVA location who will now office in Fullerton during the Fall and Winter months, after Clarks recently made the transition to a seasonal location.

“I feel this office will allow us to expand our offerings to customers, as far as CVA’s specialty areas – ProEdge and ACS, before this we didn’t have the room or the capabilities to offer these services,” said Brian Dubas, CVA Fullerton Location Manager. “Also having more space to house the Clarks employees here in Fullerton during harvest now that Clarks is only open during the growing season is a great benefit.” Overall Dubas seems excited about the recent change and is happy with the direction CVA is taking, “I believe the improvements that CVA has made throughout the company, including our location, is a testament to their willingness to improve facilities for their customers and employees needs.”

On November 23, 2016, an Open House was held so customers could tour the new office and learn about the benefits the new facility will bring. Over the past fiscal year, $40.7 Million was reinvested in assets across the CVA territory to improve speed, space, and efficiency. CVA has now spent $213.8 million over the past five years in assets to better serve its member-owners.

“This new office is something we’ve had in the works for a couple of years,” said Brent Reichmuth, CVA Region 3 Operations Manager. “Construction got started a little late with the weather that we encountered in the spring, which made for an extra stressful bean harvest for the Fullerton employees. The employees worked hard to continue assisting customers throughout the move, and once situated harvest went really well. I look forward to seeing the benefits this new office will bring to the area, the addition turned out great and proves that CVA will continue to provide services to the Fullerton area for a long, long time.”