Don’t Forget About Fall Tank Maintenance

Smaller, more intricate parts make today’s modern diesel engines more prone to injector failure and filter clogging, thus making it more important than ever to keep tanks and fuel clean. Fall is the ideal time to perform tank maintenance to remove water and other contaminants before cold weather hits.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 11.01.29 AMProper tank maintenance helps ensure the fuel supply stays clean and free of harmful contaminants in your storage tank — and remains that way until it reaches the fuel system. Removing water, microbes, and other impurities from the storage tank prevents them from entering your fuel system where they can lead to corrosion, filter plugging, and ice formation that severely hampers engine performance.

Managing the impact of water in your storage tanks is the foundation of proper tank maintenance. A significant amount of water in the tank will likely cause problems including oxidative degradation (rust, scale), particulates and microbiological growth. For proper tank maintenance, follow these guidelines:

  • Tilt tanks to direct water and debris away from the outlet
  • Pressurize tanks to keep vapor and air inside
  • Drain and remove all contaminates every three months (or as often as needed)
  • Install proper filtration systems on bulk tanks
  • Clean pump screens regularly
  • Sample fuel for quality assurance purposes quarterly
  • Clean tanks annually

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