Honoring 372 Years of Service

FullSizeRender[4]Each year on November 11th, we take the opportunity to celebrate and honor our Veterans. These men and women who have made such a huge sacrifice for our country come from all walks of life. This year we decided to take a greater look at how many Veterans we have employed at Central Valley Ag (CVA). Our employees responded in great numbers showing that we have nearly 60 Veterans employed at CVA. They bring a combined total of 372 years of service to the United States of America. Many of our employees had great things to say about their time serving our country, including what an honor it is to serve, and the comradery it brings. FullSizeRender[6]Dave Bode, CVA employee and Army Veteran, had a little more to say. “I would recommend to our young people today, to consider a tour in the military. It builds character, leadership, and teamwork, and it’s a great way to see the world at Uncle Sam’s expense,” said Dave.

Each veteran who is employed at CVA received a t-shirt in honor of their service to our country. We are tremendously proud of these employees for their commitment to our country and to Central Valley Ag.