Introducing the Next Step

7-27-17 Introducing the next step from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

by Keith Byerly

by Keith Byerly

Next week marks the introduction of a new age for the Advanced Cropping Systems platform at CVA. To say that I am excited would be a bit of an understatement right now. This is going to change our ability to put information directly in the hands of yourselves, and the people that help you make the decisions on your operation. So as I said, next week will be the introduction, so I hope you understand that today I am going to leave a bit of a shroud of mystery around this topic as I highlight what you are going to see.

Agriculture has evolved at a pace in the last few years that is almost unfathomable. The technology that has permeated our farms has become an integral part of what we do on a daily basis. Seven years ago the weather was something we got from TV or Radio, or from our DTN monitors. Now it’s about 12 seconds away whenever we want it on our phones, and when there’s a cloud coming our way, we are frustrated if the radar image is 9 minutes old. As you’ve all adopted soil sampling and VR applications of Fertility Products and Seed more and more through the years, the methods that those were developed with evolved, but how much evolution did we see in the delivery method.

All of this has happened at the same time that decisions have gotten more complex. As we have added the ability to have more information, it has not necessarily made the decision-making process easier. That is because putting all of that information together in one place with one person is still a challenge. As we unveil this new opportunity for us, you will rapidly see how it is going to enable your trusted advisor to be the person leading the charge, and enable them to be the field general we need on a daily basis.

At the same time, we understood that we are in a new age of information availability. With the device that most of us have in our pocket, we have more information available in mere seconds than we even thought was possible. And that is ok to a point. But I would surmise that what you want at your disposal is your data. Gone are the days of getting an answer to a question in a couple of days, now are the days of having it in a matter of minutes. We want to make sure your precision data is there for you when you want it.

But much of this still comes down to having the data you need to make your decision. As I said before, more data has not necessarily added clarity to the decision making process. That is because we could not put it all together in one place, Precision Ag Data has always been a challenge to integrate. A software package that handles yield maps does poorly at handling soil samples and vice versa. Our true need in Precision Ag is to put it all together so that we can make quick decisions about the validity of data and if it makes sense to integrate into our decision-making process.

And so the take home for today is that we are on the cusp of addressing this and more. Next week you will all begin to see the things that we are excited about in ACS. This will mark the beginning of some changes to your ACS program, but the key here is to realize that this is an evolution that has been in the works for over a year and a half. As we introduce this, I think you will become excited too. I urge you to attend the Innovation Series events starting next week to see for yourself. For those of you unable to make it, make sure you ask your FSA how the new ACS program will benefit you. Because in the end, that is what it is all about. Improving the process and results for you, the Member Owners of CVA.