Options for feeding calves after creep


By Brandi Salestrom

By Brandi Salestrom

Our calves are done with creep feed so now what…

Now that we are done with creep feed for the year what are some options for feeding our calves? Depending on what a producer has in mind there are self-feeder options as well as hand or bunk fed. Let’s start with self-feeders, calves that have been on creep can easily transition onto the Accuration program which is a combination of ground corn, rolled corn and Accuration. Accuration is a product that has intake modifiers encouraging small multiple meals throughout the day, which improves feed efficiency and reduces digestive upset.  Calves will consume around 1% of their body weight and should have free choice hay available. Within the program, there are different ways to feed, to avoid getting our calves too “fleshy”.  Allowing an 80/20 mix to work its way through the creep is a great way to start, then depending on how they are gaining, a 70/30 mix is the next step. This mix usually gets fed to calves until weaning time. If a producer would like to continue feeding with a self-feeder, AR Backgrounder is a good option followed by AR Grower then finally AR Finisher.

For those of you who have the ability to bunk feed, we recommend weaning your calves on the Purina Great Starts program using Stress Care 5, Precon or Accuration starter. Once these products have been fed for 28 days along with a stress tub and the calves are doing well, our cattle specialists can develop a set of diets using our ingredients or your own along with protein supplement to get the gains you are looking for. If your feeding to finish or just looking to get them bunk broke to go to the sale barn, we would be happy to help you out. For more information visit your local Central Valley Ag Feed and Grain location.