Protein tubs to Consider

close up profile of an Aberdeen Angus cow

It’s getting to that time of year when cattlemen need to body condition score their cows and decide if they are in the condition they want, or if their cows need a little more condition.

We are about 60 to 90 days from calving and there is time still to get cows in shape and ready for calving…and yes we have to think about getting cows rebred…already!

Central Valley Ag and Purina have some Range Land Tubs that have been proven to work for these situations. A couple of the top options we have are:

  1. Range Land 38-20 HE Tub – this tub is a 12% fat tub that is a high protein tub with a combination of NPN and natural protein sources. Cows consume from ¾ to 1 pound per day.
  2. Range Land 25-15F Tub – this tub is quickly becoming a Ranchers Favorite. It is a 25% all natural tub with 15% fat. This tub puts a shine on cows and cows have stayed in good body condition or have even gained in body condition while nursing a calf. Consumption on this tub is still from ¾ to 1 pound per head per day.

It doesn’t seem possible that it is time to think about calving or getting cows rebred, but according to the calendar, it is quickly approaching.

If you want to know more about tubs or any other options for your cows, stop in at any of your local CVA Feed Locations or contact your CVA Feed Salesperson.