The Off Season

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by Keith Byerly

by Keith Byerly

I know many of you are sports fans. NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, pick your favorite. They all share something in common, the offseason. Immediately after the season is over, teams and players switch into an offseason mentality. For the next couple of weeks, they go on vacation, they relax, see family, and just generally take it slow. But after a couple of weeks, the downtime is gone, and attention shifts. Teams begin to make changes, drop underperformers, pick up talent upgrades, and position themselves for success in the next season. Players, on the other hand, work for a better deal. They try to get bigger, faster, stronger, all while they try to improve their financial position for the next year and struggle to stay on the cutting edge ahead of their competition. Does any of this sound vaguely familiar?

You as growers wear many hats, and here is just another example. Today though, I am going to focus on your operation as the team. You have to make the changes about how to make the operation grow and decide when to upgrade talent, facilities, etc. It is an enviable position in a way. As we put the lid on the last year and you enjoy the gap in time before we are full bore into 2018, I am going to foreshadow a major topic for this Winter. That topic is Multi-Hybrid planting.

We worked with our RD department this year on several trials, and the one I was most excited about was multi-hybrid planting. We will be showing you a lot of trial data as we go into winter, but the long and short of it is that it is the real deal. When we pair multi-hybrid with VR Nitrogen, it looks to be a legitimate home run. And as we compile this data, we are going to begin to bring it and talk about upgrading the talent.

Call us the scout. Our job is to identify talent that is out there and evaluate it, which is exactly what we have done for the past few years. It showed development as a player, it upgraded its skills, and it is available to add to your team. Now we’re in the position where we can give the info to the coach/GM. We need to work with you, the GM, to figure out how we can add this to the team. We realize that there is a salary cap in place that we have to deal with, so we are going to have to be creative on how we structure this deal. If we look at it as a long-term investment, then this starts to become pretty affordable on a year by year basis.

Ok, I’m done with the sports analogy now. But, consider this, we have run Multi-Hybrid planting through its paces, and we have friends in the Ag Research world who have done the same in different environments. The tech is legit, and it is available; I’m just telling you now that this is the beginning. We are going to spend a lot of time on this because this is a winner that can upgrade your farm in a big way. We often talk about the need for a technology plan for your farm. To date, we have always led with DownForce being the piece that pays for other upgrades down the road. I think that this will compliment DownForce in its role and not replace it, but that’s why we have Chris Winkelbauer and his team. These guys are top notch consultants when it comes to evaluating or developing your technology plan.

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