The Tail End of Harvest


by Greg Mockenhaupt

by Greg Mockenhaupt

Now at the tail end of harvest, more and more producers are telling me they are just about done! This is an exciting time of year and seeing the amount of corn coming to the elevator is quite impressive. We have been very fortunate this year in regards to harvest conditions. The weather has been fantastic, and the cold weather has stayed north of us for now.  In fact, it appears we will continue to see warmer than average temperatures into this weekend.

With harvested corn looking to be above 80% and beans above 90%, good weather this week will keep producers on the road to completion.  Which will be a relief for many as winter is soon to be upon us. 

That being said, I would like to say THANK YOU from all of us at Central Valley Ag.  We appreciate your business! 

This week looking forward, we have to remember to vote Tuesday, November 8th. It seems many are very passionate about the election this year, and the reality is, we all get one vote! So make it count. The USDA Supply and Demand report, as well as the FSA crop acreage report, due out this Wednesday at 11 a.m., and Thursday we will digest the latest weekly export data. All of which certainly can influence the grain market moving forward.

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