by James Banahan

by James Banahan

This week has been a stressful one, right?

No?  Commodity markets, brothers and sisters!

Yes? I thought so.

With the stock market on its wild ride and news of a slow down in China’s economy, our potential income has taken a bit of a beating.  Which is frustrating no matter what, but is a special bummer when we have what is shaping up to be a great fall harvest approaching.  Yields are looking good.

So, sometime kind of soon, you’re going to have some money in your pocket, though not as much money as you were probably hoping.  (Isn’t that always the case?) It’s moments like these when spending wisely becomes of the utmost importance.

Also sometime kind of soon, you’re going to get really busy.  And you’re going to become focused on what is going out—more of the “spending” part and less of the “wisely” part.  This is what happens when we get really busy.  It’s okay, but my point is that you have an amazing window right now to take a breather, sit down, and talk out how exactly you might spend that money that’s soon to be yours as wisely as possible.

Your FSA is but a phone call away.

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Spending wisely is about spending money where it’ll do you the most good.  Where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck, right?  If you’ve only dabbled in a VRT program, for example, or not tried precision planting, or never really paid attention to what hybrids and varieties you are planting (and where), well, pal, this would be a great time to engage because any one of these things more than readily achieves that “spending wisely” thing.

This is the time to become a better manager, and, of course, your FSA is there to help.  With wheat planting not oh so far off, I’m asking you to do things a little different this year.  With a little more strategy.  A little more wisdom.  For beginners, this means not cutting back on inputs so drastically that it negatively affects your yield.  I know that the impulse to save is strong, but it can also cut you off at the knees before 2016 even starts.

Now is the time.  To pause.  To think.  To plan.  Let’s  not take a blanket approach this year and seriously plan every farm out to best spend your hard earned dollars, no matter how the markets end the day.