Veterinary Feed Directive


By Abby Simonsen, PCQI

By Abby Simonsen, PCQI

As we close out the month of September, the Central Valley Ag Feed Division have been on the road teaching producers about the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) that takes effect January 1, 2017. We know that the next three months will fly by in a flurry of harvest and holiday festivities, so I wanted to take a quick minute to recap the producer requirements for medicated animal feed.

Effective January 1, 2017, all livestock producers will be required to work with a veterinarian who will issue a VFD for feeds containing medically important drugs. These medically important drugs are those that mirror the drugs used in human medicine such as penicillin and tetracyclines.  The thought is that by monitoring these drugs via VFD, we can see how much is used vs. how effective these drugs continue to be in human use.

CVA Feed Mills cannot fill a VFD drug feed unless we have the VFD in our possession, either in paper form or digital. This VFD is a federally mandated rule and one that we cannot flex on. Please plan accordingly when ordering feeds containing VFD drugs. Our sales and nutrition staff are able to help you create feeding plans based on historical use and to set these plans in motion with your veterinarian to get VFD’s issued quickly and efficiently. Please keep in mind that a VFD covers a time span that we can manufacture, ship and feed the VFD feed. If you are close to the end date of a VFD and plan on feeding past that date, a new VFD can be issued to cover the extra days by contacting your veterinarian.

If you have questions about how VFD’s will affect your business, please contact me. I work out of our East Hub in Oakland, Nebraska and I would be happy to visit with you.

Below are copies of the presentation from our VFD meeting this fall:

VFD Powerpoint

VFD Drug List

VFD Quick Guide