Important Events


At Central Valley Ag, our expectations for our interns are higher. We are looking to hire bright, talented students once they graduate, so we like to give them the tools they need to succeed as full-time employees. Below is a list of exciting milestones and events our interns participate in during their internship. 

Intern Orientation

This daylong orientation immerses our interns in the culture and leadership of CVA to start their experience off on the right foot. 

Intern Outing

The intern outing is a two-day event that introduces our interns to other aspects of the agriculture industry as well as provides a little bonding time for our interns.  

Ag Professionalism Day

Our interns meet with Growth Leader Jim Welch and go over the book “Strengths Finder”. Through a short quiz, Jim helps our interns understand more about their strengths. 

Intern Wrap-up

Interns present their projects that directly relate to their degree focus to Central Valley Ag Senior Leadership Team.