CVA Receives Top Ten CFA Award

2017 CFA Award

Chuck Bibb presents Peggy Hopwood with CFA Award

(York, NE) Central Valley Ag (CVA) was recently recognized by The Cooperative Finance Association (CFA) as a leader in using the Input Finance Program for the 2017 crop year within the CFA member base. Chuck Bibb, CFA Customer Relationships Manager, presented the 2017 award to Peggy Hopwood, CVA SVP of Member Services.

For the 2017 Crop Year, over 400 CVA customers took advantage of the Input Finance Program offered by the cooperative and supported by CFA. These customers were approved for secured lines of credit to support their agronomy purchases from CVA and the total loan dollars committed for the 2017 crop year totaled more than 45 million dollars.

The number of customers, as well as total loan dollars committed to the Input Finance Program for the 2017 crop year was an all-time record for CVA. In addition to setting this local record, CVA was also the number one cooperative within CFA’s membership base for the 2017 crop year based on total loan commitments for the second year in a row.

“We are very excited this is the second year in a row CVA has received this award,” said Peggy Hopwood. “Thank you for your continued support as patrons, because without you, achievements like this would not be possible.”