2018 NE Price Later Program


– Corn can be delivered to CVA’s Locations as space allows.

– Current locations for corn receipts are:

  • Region 1: Tilden and Elgin
  • Region 3: Monroe, Humphrey, Fullerton, Platte Center and St. Edward
  • Region 4: Scribner
  • Region 5: Polk and Stromsburg
  • Region 6: Rising City, Shelby, Utica and Tamora

– Other locations will be added as space becomes available.

–  Title will pass upon delivery to CVA.

–  Price Later Corn cannot be put on Warehouse receipt, Open Storage, or Grain Bank once it is placed on a Price Later Contract.

–  Price Later for corn will only be for grain delivered January 2, 2018, and after until CVA ends the program.

– No service charges will be applied if settled on or before October 15, 2018.

If the corn is not settled before October 15, 2018, there will be a $.10/bu. service fee plus a $.05 per month or any part of a monthly fee for each month OR any part of a month starting October 16th, 2018

–  Corn will be dried and shrunk to 15% moisture at CVA’s published rates at the time of delivery.

–  Off-grade, Corn will be discounted at CVA’s normal discount schedule.

–  Each load will stand on its own.

–  The corn must be priced at the nearby or “spot” bid for the location to which the corn was delivered.  No sales can be made for future delivery (Forward Contracted) (this would give CVA double ownership).

–  Corn that had been previously forward contracted can not be delivered on Price Later and applied to the forward contract during the delivery period the corn was contracted for (this would give CVA double ownership).