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ProEdge Grain Marketing is the frontline brand associated with Central Valley Ag’s grain department. ProEdge was initially branded when Central Valley Ag formed in 2003, with ProEdge Consultants engaged in the risk management business on behalf of our patrons. This brand lives today with varying degrees of service available to our customers.

ProEdge Risk Management Consultants

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ProEdge Risk Management Consultants are the local marketing experts within Central Valley Ag. These individuals provide tailored marketing plans to CVA patrons that incorporate multiple facets of farm risk. Understanding how your cash flow requirements impact your marketing strategy and how to maximize your storage and logistical situation both play a part in a good marketing plan. Crop insurance and farm program decisions are a part of the discussion as well. Think of your local ProEdge Risk Management Consultant as the vice president of grain marketing for your operation; they are your trusted advisor.

Regardless of your grain marketing needs, or where your grain goes, we are confident that ProEdge Marketing Solutions is a better way to sell!

Central Valley Ag ProEdge from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.